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SSME is the youngest branch of the Faculty of Informatics at Masaryk University. Students in this field are mainly graduates of bachelor's degree with IT specialization. The IT background is undoubtedly an advantage while studying SSME. Students must complete courses, where they prove logical-analytical thinking and presentations skills. They also attend classes of project management, acquiring knowledge according to IPMA standards. The program is focused on soft skills, marketing and comprehension of corporate vitality as well. Thanks to multidisciplinary through optional subjects and continuous development, students easily detect an area they want to grow further.

In addition to multidisciplinary, one of the biggest advantages is six-month or one-year internship in the company - Interim Project. Before embarking on Interim Project, students must complete most of the mandatory courses. They are in the last or next to the last semester. After the internship they are only two steps from graduation – state exam and thesis defence. Students should write master thesis during Interim Project. Therefore, we recommend to write the thesis thematically related to the internship. The aim of SSME is to educate T-shaped professionals.

Interim Project

As we have mentioned, obligatory professional experience at our partner companies is the one of the biggest advantages of SSME. Through the internship, our partners can choose from a range of exciting young candidates and can develop their potential faster - already during the study period. Many companies have begun to raise their future employees in this way. We seek to the greatest variety of positions as we believe that each student has unique talent and skills. We wish our students maximally use their capabilities, as well as the partners find the most suitable candidates for their job offers.

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