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Partnership with SSME

Partnership with SSME

Four main reasons why to become our partner:

1. Raise your future employees

With us, you can choose from a variety of well-educated and specialized candidates. You can work with your trainee for a fixed period without risks arising from permanent employment. During practice, the trainees usually prove being skilled managers, coordinators, developers or assistants. They bring interesting suggestions and ideas to partners as well.

2. Choose suitable candidate without the risk of high costs

Through cooperation with us, you can open interesting positions and start new research or projects without risk of high cost so suitable SSME candidates can execute the job. The candidate’s internship must meet the following conditions:

  • interdisciplinary work
  • linked to the IT environment

3. Thesis on issues selected by partner

Our students write thesis for industrial partners. Interns write thesis on selected issues according to their practise. An academician of our faculty should lead the thesis as the prevention of complications related to unconscious breaking of the academic rules, which may result in significant negative impacts on the student evaluation.

4. The partnership with SSME costs you nothing

Your only financial expenses is the trainee salary. The level of payment is only up to an agreement between you and the student.

Summary of partnership

Become a partner and find an unique intern for coordination and/or realization of your project. Whether it is business analysis, project management, coordination & development, (online) marketing activities or any other problem requiring interdisciplinary communication - our students bring fresh ideas and are eager to help you earn your profit. Approximately 30 students of SSME are available each semester.

Advantages of partnership with SSME:

  • Train up your future employee.
  • Gain a different point of view from intern.
  • Refresh and improve your processes.
  • Wage agreements without interference from the faculty.
  • Only the minimum of work hours is set.
  • Students have a T-shaped profile.

Activity Requirements

Students must gain experience in:

  • multidisciplinary communication, 
  • working with people and in an environment strongly connected to IT.


Recommended (and minimal):

  • one semester - 32 hours weekly
  • two semesters - 16 hours weekly
  • usual start in February or September

Formal Requirements

Before interim project:

  • One person dedicated to coordination of interim projects for your organization.
  • Proposal of one or more interim projects sent to the SSME coordinator. See examples in our proposal repository.
  • Formally confirmed acceptance of the student which has been assigned for the interim project.
  • Signed contract with the student.

After interim project:

  • Final report sent to the SSME coordinator.
  • Survey filled.

Other forms of partnership

For other means of cooperation with SSME such as a diploma thesis led by your organization or joint research, contact our Administrator.

Contact person

Leonard Walletzký SSME Administrator +420 549 49 7690