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Student's profile

T-shaped professional

We strive to educate T-shaped professionals, people who have deep knowledge in chosen field and being able to use that knowledge across different disciplines. T-shaped have a deep understanding and specialization at the same time and their skills do not come under the only field of their specialization. T-shaped skills are constantly developed and professionals never stop to gain an overview of other areas.

T-shaped professional

An illustration of a T-shaped professional and his competences

The letter T is the symbol of SSME student profile. In this case, student achieves a deep understanding of IT and other related areas. Vertical axis is expressing this understanding. Students are able to solve problems in these areas.

The horizontal axis indicates a broad overview of areas such as economics, marketing, human oriented domains, and more. This allows interdisciplinary understanding and communication. Thus working together makes unique synergy.

Graduate's Profile

Together with the experience from their Interim projects, the graduates are typically fit to enter junior management positions, apply themselves to design and development of service systems, or assert themselves in positions that require smart orientation in a problem together with an overview of the ICT domain and beyond.

Contact person

Leonard Walletzk├Ż SSME Administrator +420 549 49 7690