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SSME Service Science, Management and Engineering

Service Science, Management and Engineering is the youngest master study programme at the Facutlty of Informatics of Masaryk University. We connect academia with the world of business and foster interdisciplinary communication.

The Story of SSME

For Students



Some of you already notified we are trying to support you with your freelance experience (subject PV242 Innovation and Business and specialized workshops). For some of you might be interesting following link: www.Navolnenoze.TV

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  • Fill out the forms
  • Pass the entrance exam
  • Join an active community
SSME Admission Process


  • Become a T-shaped professional
  • Think business and do IT
  • Enhance your soft-skills
Studying SSME


  • Choose an attractive project
  • Work and learn for a semester
  • Stay or go abroad
Interim Project