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About SSME

The begin of the story....

The story of SSME begins with the paradigm shift that has been happenig recently. Researches from around the world are beginning to understand that services and service systems are core of the economy.

Proper understanding, design and management of services and service systems is considered to be one of the most effective way towards sustainable and profitable development not only in economics but also in society as a whole.

It is never easy to set up something new and it was the same with SSME in Brno. The initiator, RNDr. Zdenko Staníček, Ph.D. upholded the idea and spread the vision of the importance of this field of study among his colleagues. Together with IBM, service science has started its journey into higher education.

Now it is the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, which most consistently applies multidisciplinary teaching of ICT, including the long-standing practice in companies in Europe. Field of study SSME is thanks to the European Social Fund constantly upgraded. New teachers are regularly introduced and foreign experts invited.


The world is dominated by ICT services. The ability to create and provide quality services in the field of information technology requires not only good technical knowledge. Many other skills such as business, marketing, management, finance, social science, communication skills are required. The ability to meet all demands about service science requires a multidisciplinary teaching. One of the many responses to rising demands for wide skills in the field of ICT and services is SSME.

Basic information


  • Applied informatics

Field of study:

  • Service Science, Management and Engineering

Code of programme:

  • N1802

Code of the field of study:

  • 1802T031

SSME in Brno

The field of study has been successfully running since 2007 and have over hundreds succesfull graduates who have been working in different professional spheres. At present, Ing. Leonard Walletzký, Ph.D. became a new study coordinator. You can learn about the new structure in the study catalogue.

SSME Master studies support the concept of modern education. Beside ICT courses SSME study catalog contains other classes focused on finance, economics, management, marketing and soft skills. Students can begin to specialize in an area that interests them the most. They also have their own community and meet in an informal setting. You can join the students group on Facebook

Another attraction is a biannual to annual practice within the company - Interim project, where each student gets a real work experience. Student can choose company himself or he gets position corresponding to his specialization. We support internships not only in Czech Republic but abroad as well. Selected students even work on their own interesting projects. It is emphasized that the internship has always been multidisciplinary with respect to the SSME orientation field.

Graduate of SSME has over many other graduates a distinct advantage - experience and practice. So the student does not enter as "inexperienced" into the world of work experiences.

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