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Just three simple steps and you can start studying SSME!

1. Fill out online application form

  • No paper forms, just fill out the online form and pay the fee.
  • The dates for the foreign students are usually a month earlier.

Do you have any questions? Not sure about filling the forms or deadline? Then do not hesitate to contact us! We will help you.

Tip – Important data

All the information about where to submit applications, sample test and the date of entrance exams can be found on the website FI MUNI at this link.

2. Pass the entrance exam

Tip – Entrance exam remission

You have to send a written application to the Office for Studies until this deadline for entrance exam remission.

3. Enroll

  • Come to register for studies in person and get all the important information for starting.
  • You can sign up for Prvákoviny to experience a great orientation session organized by students. 

Summary of requirements

  1. electronic application form filled,
  2. application fee paid,
  3. entrance exam passed or remissed,
  4. identity card / passport for the registration,
  5. (in case of Bachelor studies elsewhere than at the Faculty of informatics, you need to bring your diploma with you for the registration!)