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Interim project

The main goal of the Interim Project is to gain real work experience. If the project is finished successfully you will receive 16 credits.

1. Choose a position

Search for an interim project that will make you work with passion. The only constraints are frequent multidisciplinary communication and relatedness to IT. Otherwise you are free and can work in a bank, small law firm or at one of our partners. Some of our students completed internships abroad!

At first you have to register for PA180 Interim Project I + II (almost full time internship) or PA185 Interim Project I (part time internship). Then you have to handle some paperwork:


  • start searching cca 3 months in advance!
  • see our Partner proposals
  • finish the papework until the changes in registration close (usually two weeks after the start of a semester)

2. Work

Gain experience, you can choose how:

  • 4 days a week (Fast variant) - for intensive projects lasting one semester
  • 2 days a week (Slow variant) - for projects that need longer time to reach their goals but less intensive work, lasting two semesters. 

Both with a day off for studying and working on the Technical Report. You can agree on more hours, if you want to. 

If there are any problems with your Interim Project and you could fail to pass the requirements, contact our Administrator .

Tips - Interim Project

  • Evaluate your work at the end of each week, you will learn more and writing the Technical Report will be easier for you.
  • In case of the Research variant, do not forget to register PA186 before the second semester.
  • Sign up for the subject PV236 Time Management and Effectiveness which can help you grow in your interim project.


3. Share your experience

You are expected to complete your Technical Report and Confirmation of Completion of the Interim Project Form at the end of the interim project. Then, distill your experience into a presentation for your colleagues and the field of study coordinator. Presenting takes place during the exam period and the exact dates are provided via IS. The best presentations will be chosen for the SSME Open Day!

Your experience should be reflected in your diploma thesis. You can also share it in the SSME Knowledge Base.