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Laboratory of Service Systems

Welcome to the Service Systems Laboratory home pages. You will find references related to the work in this course, the results of the students’ work within the laboratory, and other materials related to this course.

The course is primarily focused on development of the ADempiere ERP system, as a particular example of service systems. Emphasis is placed on the development of the system as a service and therefore the universality of the implemented solutions and practices are of high importance. This part of the project is led by Ing. Leonard Walletzký, Ph.D.


ERP system ADempiere is community developed Open Source business solution, distributed under GNU GPL license. The system is developed with Java EE technology, supported databases are PostgreSQL, MySQL or Oracle. Thanks to its well-designed architecture, the system is a very good platform for the development of the Service System.

Basic links to ERP ADempiere

What has been done already?

The following assignments have already been developed by means of student works:

Furthermore, the following works have been developed within the Service Systems Laboratory:

  • Tax declaration
  • Jasper Reports integration and work with iReports technology

What awaits (maybe just you) to be done?

Tasks that are still waiting to be solved (either as a topic of bachelor’s/master’s thesis or completion of the Laboratory course)

  • Development of effective tools for language translation’s management and completion of the Czech language translation
  • A detailed description of the Workflow creation and design of the solution for most encountered situation or alternatively development of Workflow creator/editor
  • Travel order’s management
  • GUI for creating reports
  • Payroll’s processing and preparation of communication with external payroll accountants 
  • General ledger books viewer and account’s closing processes, interface for tax advisor
  • Creation of financial reports and controlling outputs
  • Connection of ADempiere ERP system with e-shop (e.g. VirtueMarkt) or other systems
If you are interested in working in the lab and want to engage in the work on this unique ERP system, you just need to:
  1. Look at the PV202 – Service Systems Laboratory course pages in Information system and check if you meet the course prerequisites.
  2. Contact and agree on collaboration with the project supervisor Ing. Leonard Walletzký, Ph.D.
  3. Register for and enroll in the PV202 course.

You need to proceed similarly if you want to write a final thesis about Adempiere ERP (either bachelor’s or master’s) and solve either one of the tasks above, or you can come up with your own idea.

Meeting with ADempiere’s project founder Redhuan D. Oon (known as “red1”) at Faculty of Informatics on 23rd May 2013 and discussion about collaboration and transition to IDempiere:


Basic materials for PV202

Manuscript SSME (RNDr. Zdenko Staníček Ph.D.)
Universal Information Robots a way to the effective utilisation of cyberspace (Mgr. Filip Procházka, Ph.D.), dizertační práce
Viable system aproach - Wikipedie