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Fields of study

An SSME student is mentored towards deep understanding of IT through subjects such as:

  • Efficient use of database systems,
  • Business process management,
  • IT Security and management,
  • Testing...

The broad knowledge and understanding of many related fields are provided by subjects such as:

  • Service Marketing Introduction,
  • Project Management and Service Lifecycle,
  • Management by Competencies,
  • Communication and Soft Skills...

Fields of study covered by SSME

An overview of various fields covered by SSME

You can learn more by checking the detailed list of subjects in the study structure of SSME.

How to study SSME

For successful completion of the Master's degree is required to collect at least 120 credits. Standard length of study is 2 years. You also must have at least 20 credits each semester to pass successfully. If you want to get Master's degree, you have to:

  1. Pass all mandatory and mandatory elective courses with the prescribed completion (see following list). In addition to the list of basic required courses, there is a wide choice of optional subjects. We suggest to follow the list of actual courses and recommended study plan 
  2. Complete specific and vital part of SSME study - Interim Project
  3. Write and defend a master thesis which usually reflects the experience from the Interim Project. (The master thesis should be written simultaneously with Interim Project).
  4. Pass the State Exam.

To see detals to each lesson please visit Information System of Masaryk University. There, after entering the code of concrete lesson, you will see the curiculum, valid for the actual academit year and semester.

SSME Master Thesis

 An SSME thesis should reflect your Interim Project or at least your experience gained from it.

You have to obtain 20 credits for the thesis. You can select the number of credits which you wish to assign for the thesis in each semester.  Just set the number of the subject called "SDIPR Diploma Thesis" in the registration. Thus, you can spread the work on your thesis over several semesters or complete it during one semester only. 

Some of the constraints:

  • minimum of 40 standardized pages (1800 characters each),
  • including a copy of signed thesis assignmen,
  • uploading into the Information Syste,
  • please remember to quote all sources you used or you will face severe legal penalties!

You can find out more about the thesis on the web of the faculty.

Tips - Supervisors

  • You can suggest your own assignment, but you have to find yourself a willing supervisor but do not start too late
  • It is better if the supervisor is from academic enviroment so the preparation and defence of your thesis will be easier for you.
  • It is possible to write a thesis with an industrial partner.

State Exam

  • together with thesis defence, both with the same committee,
  • 2 or 3 questions, examination without preparation,
  • question come from 17 various topics,
  • usual timing:
    • 30 minutes for the defence (12- to 15-minute presentation, then discussion)
    • 30 minutes for the examination

Tip - State Exam